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Important Of Budgetary Control In Modern Accounting.

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Modern accounting refers to the automated accounting practices through various accounting packages, especially the cloud based accounting where the data are stored online and accessible to people authorized therewith. The modern accounting has made the accounting works easy and time saving. The accountant who is well versed with the modern accounting packages like tally erp, finacle, mygate and flexcube will be able to provide value added services when compared to the accountants with the knowledge of mere traditional accounting. Unlike traditional accounting they focused on historical accounting, Modern Accounting mainly focusing on budget and budgetary control, for evaluation of business and it’s growth it is very important to have budgetary control in modern accounting , for easy identification of the variance in the budgetary system , in  the modern accounting system business owners uses various types of accounting software and tools.

The accounting packages provide a vast area of services, out of which, the main merit is that it provides efficient budgetary control system, once the entries are done right. Once the entry is done, in terms of the desired figures of sales, purchase, closing stock, direct and indirect expenses, the software shall compute the variances created from the actual performance of the business. The variances will be evaluated by the systems as to how the variances were caused, whether it is favorable or adverse.

The reports generated by the accounting software not only provides input for the management to take decisions but also creates insights as to how the decisions must be implemented in the entity. For instance, the budget ratios enables the accountant or those who are accountable to management to explain the performance of each department like the purchase department, sales department or the marketing department as the budget ratios provide information about the performance level, that is, the extent of deviation of actual performance from the budgeted performance and whether the actual performance is favorable or otherwise.

The accounting packages requires the personnel to set the appropriate criteria for giving out the true and fair outcomes. Let us take another example, where the employees are given incentives on the turnover basis. That is, higher the turnover, higher the incentives. On appraisal done by the employees on the lessened incentives credited, the accountant or those who are accountable can explain with the help of the reports on the variance generated by the accounting software, that, the turnover has not beenup to the mark when compared to the budget created. Thus imposing the responsibility to create higher turnover through higher productivity, on the employees as well.

Generally, the entities using the budget tool efficiently, can be observed as those entities which is showing higher performance year after year, as budgeted figures of production, sales, profit and proportionate costs are set at higher levels so as to achieve the maximum possible outcome and return, even if the actual has not reached the same level as the budgeted. The accounting reports or the management information system reports generated in such entities shall be viewed with higher praise and reputation by the public, thereby creating higher shareholdings and investments from the general public as well as the investing bodies like the foreign direct investors and the venture capitalists.

The budgetary reports created helps to plan strategies and to control the various functions in the entity. It also helps the management to direct their subordinate to focus on the most profitable products or areas. It also helps to analyze the possible bad debt creating customers. For instance, the management, generally considers a percentage of provision for doubtful debts even in the budget, so as to create a true and fair budget and also that the outcomes are realistic and predictable. Even after providing for the bad debts, the accountant observes that the collection from debtors are not up to the mark, when compared to the budget, he/ she can report the deviation which resulted in lessened collection of the credit facility given by the entity to its customers and as a result, the entity can take required steps to encash or settle the doubtful debts.

On the deeper side, budgets created are useful in comparing the departmental operating statements, actual plant utilization report, departmental scrap report and material usage reports. The raw material purchased, the work in progress and the finished goods play vital part as they are the integral part of the revenue generation process. It is important to be cost effective in terms of the production or the output level and the related processing cost, if any. The production budgets generated helps the foreman as to how efficiently he / she utilized the inventory, the abnormal and normal losses they incurred in excess of the budgeted figures or vise versa. The aforementioned cost elements affect in the pricing of the product and its sale ability in the market.

The budgets enable the employees to be awarded or appreciated as per the performance level and also enables to fix the responsibility for the poor performance or the inefficiency in the work assigned. In other words, the management can offer the subordinates to supervise the employees in such a way that they strive to achieve the desired or budgeted output level, in the estimated time frame, on the achievement of which they will be honored with incentives like commission in addition to salary, or the shareholdings in the entity, or the profit sharing. If the budgeted figures are not achieved, they will be given the normal remuneration. Such conditions must be properly set to the accounting software in order to prevent manual intervention to an extent, as a result, the accounting reports created will offer more reliability to the management.

Budgets are widely used in contract cost accounting and observed to be highly beneficial to fix the escalation clauses in the contracts, also helps as to where the cost has been gone out of the limits or gone cost effective. The concepts of standard cost also comes into picture when the budget is analyzed with the standard rates which are uncontrollable in nature and the actual quantity used which is controllable.

Therefore, budgetary control is imperative to discharge the planning and controlling functions of those who charged with governance. The proper implementation of which ensures timely achievement of goals in the long run. Modern accounting, is thus endowed with such an effective tool called the budget.

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