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Month: July 2021

Business Blind Spot

                 By Team Business psychology   Lima Tax Consultant Business blind spots are areas in which executives fail to notice or understand important information and thus lead their business into one of any of a number of traps.  Human beings are sometimes physically incapable of processing what the eye […]
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Elementor #4881

Start it right with Lima India. “The demands of a new business involve facing a number of challenges, and may be greater than you anticipated. With strategic planning, and sound guidance, you can prepare for some of these challenges and be able to overcome them. If you are an existing business and your aim is […]
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Inter Departmental Accounting

Accounting of inter departmental transactions Why separate Accounting for each department If a business consists of several independent activities, or is divided into several departments, for carrying on separate functions, its management is usually interested in finding out the working results of each department to ascertain their relative efficiencies. This can be made possible only […]
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