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Business Blind Spot

                 By Team Business psychology   Lima Tax Consultant

Business blind spots are areas in which executives fail to notice or understand important information and thus lead their business into one of any of a number of traps. 

Human beings are sometimes physically incapable of processing what the eye is witnessing into an image that our brains can translate into something that we can recognize – in a sense; we have a virtual blind spot. Most breakdowns in workplace interactions are caused not by bad intentions but rather by a lack of leaders awareness of the impact of their behaviors on people in their organization, whether it’s a project team, a business unit, or a large corporation.

Why business blind happening? One of the reasons may be “Theory of In congruency” which suggests that our expectations cloud our perception. If we don’t expect to see a bike on the road, we simply will not see it – even if that motorcycle is right in front of us.

Simply put, we see what we expect to see. The rest falls prey to a virtual blind spot created by our brains when something appears that is not expected.

The same type of blind spot can exist in business. Due to the Theory of Incongruency, many breakthrough ideas are ignored or dismissed because business leaders are unable to see the value of a new idea that doesn’t fit within their current expectations of what will work within their firm or industry. The best example of business blind spot is the camera film manufacturing industry.

One of the wisest, most strategic moves we can make in business is to admit we have blind spots and decide that we want a full, unbiased 360-degree perspective of our business: We need to choose to pursue an objective view of how our internal employees think, and seek a method to understand what our customers really want from our products and services.

Indeed, people naturally view their abilities to be responsible for their successes and external factors to be the cause of their failures. This tendency — known as self-serving bias — protects our egos but inhibits our ability to receive constructive feedback. Exacerbating this problem is the Dunning-Kruger Effect: the tendency of people who lack the ability and knowledge to perform a particular task to overestimate their ability to do it.

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