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Business Valuation

Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a company. The valuations report of a business are used by many parties including investors, creditors, sellers, and buyers interested in a company. Whether it is an acquisition, merger, floatation or fund raising exercise, we are able to carry out all procedures necessary to assist clients in arriving at an informed decision.

How Lima can help you

Our experts will assist you in the following areas:     

Business Modeling for Value Creation       

Financial statement branding                                        

Business Valuation with different methods and techniques.

data based on the current values to be allocated and provisions to be made for tangible and intangible assets.

Lima strength and experience

The team Lima has vast experience in business valuation of different type of business. As an approved outsourcing partner for several reputed consulting firms, Lima assisted in business valuation of very large business also

As part of angel investing and private equity, valuations of several start-ups are done.

Business sale or investments are the major reason for business valuation. We are doing valuation for consolidation purpose also.

Lima Approach

Approach to business valuation is very important. Lima uses different approaches for valuation of different industries and also for business in its different stages of growth.

Lima not using any single methods for valuation. For the purpose of most accurate value of the business, it will value using minimum five different valuation techniques allocating different weightage depend on the nature, size and level of growth of the business.

Lima follows the standards, methods and procedures accepted and recommended by International Valuation Standards (IVS) 2019 and updated regularly.

Lima follows internationally approved techniques for valuation of business.

The traditional approaches of Cost Approach, Market Approach and income Approach are also using by Lima.

Special Features

Lima arrives enterprises value after valuing the brand and goodwill separately; hence one valuation report may be used for different purposes. Starts up valuation using non-traditional methods are the special feature of Lima. Arriving value on different weightage with separate methods making better accurate results.