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External Audit Support

Audit support includes providing financial records and supporting documentation to auditors, assisting in the development of process cycle memorandums, procedural walk-throughs, and responding to various inquiries to assist the auditor with the development and documentation of their work papers. Lima work with all categories of audit firms from Big 4 audit firms to small level audit firms.

How Lima can help you

Lima supporting for audit of different type of companies. Small company or large company, start up companies or old companies Lima will support for audit of accounts. It will support for the audit of any purpose; either for management purpose or for statutory purposes.

In tie up with Audit firms Lima will do all audit procedure from the verification of transaction to reconciliation of financial statements.

Lima will assist companies to prepare and compile for the financial statements. It also helps to prepare the financial statements as per the law and policies.

Lima strength and experience

The team Lima has vast experience in auditing and audit support services. The team leaders are qualified auditors and fellow members of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The members hold several additional qualifications. The firm and members are associated to different audit organizations and attend regular professional education programs.

Lima uses different audit tools. From self-developed excel tools to audit tools of leading providers. The audit and assurance department is working on aggressive way and complete the tasks most speedy.

Lima Approach

Lima approaches audit in a different way. The audit approach is not limited to reporting financial numbers.  It will study, analyze and report all aspects of the entity from operation to risk analysis. The predictive analysis will give information and guidelines for future operation of the business.

The traditional approach of audit is changed drastically after implementation of ERP for accounting and business management. Lima considers financial statements are only a small part of audit. It reviews the accounting system and the possibilities of leakage and shortage in accounting system.

Special Features

Lima and its associates developed the usage of modern techniques and methods in audit. The fifty-two folders to verify from the legal existence to the risk analysis is the unique audit tool. The four-way reconciliation of transaction and comparative study strengthen the audit process.  The predictive analytical report based on the future operations as annexure to audit report is a special feature of the business.