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India Desk

INDIA DESK is a facilitation center for Non Resident Indians. As part of Invest in India participation and people who looking for return to home country looking for several business set up facilities. India desk provide support for business and personnel taxation needs of NRIs. The changing taxation rules and policies of Government of India necessitate regular alert.  Apart from taxation India desk facilitate company formation, approvals and sanctions, feasibility study etc.

How Lima can help you

INDIA DESK represents the company formation and business activities in India. The desk provides, taxation and NRI matters. We assist NRIs in PAN card, DIN, Digital Signature, TDS matters and also in GST and Income Tax return submission.

Lima can arrange Tax Residency Certificate. India desk will assist in double taxation treaty representation and with holding tax treatment. We are providing support for Economic Substance Regulation and due diligence or valuation of an Indian company for an NRI investment.

Lima strength and experience

Lima is a part of leading Chartered Accountants firm in Kochi, India. It is a part of network of Chartered Accountants in major cities of India.

Lima’s Kochi office and its associate office in different part of Kerala, able to do any accounting, auditing, taxation and company formation assignments in South India directly.

The senior Chartered Accountants in Kochi, able to handle Indian Taxation, International Taxation, Registrar of Company matters, Insolvency matters, audit and assurances.

Lima Approach

Repatriation:  Repatriation means remittance outside India of funds or any type of assets in India, which have been liquidated. Every NRI, PIO and Foreign National is keen to repatriate his income and rupee assets to his place of residence outside India or to hold it as Convertible Forex in India.

Returning to India: All kind of Foreign exchange / overseas assets such as properties, bank deposits, stocks and securities, life insurance policies, loans, company deposits, debentures, bonds etc. acquired, held or owned by an NRI while he was abroad can be continued to be so held and deal in any manner even after the NRIs return to India for permanent settlement.

Lima helps NRIs to set up business in India with feasibility studies, supporting for business loans and other financial facilities.

Special Features

Lima keeps a separate vertical for India operation. The hot line maintained with Kochi office makes the India operation easy and speedy.  All credit to the qualified and well-trained employees, Lima takes pride in being a sound advisor, providing issue-specific support to its clients based on its comprehensive understanding of the market and the industry trends.

Lima keeps abreast of all the developments taking place in the industry as well as is acquaint with the latest policies and other alterations, as issued by the Government to help make best efforts and put it all in practice in a smooth manner for its customers.