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Special Audit

Apart from normal financial and internal audits, business requires other audit for special purposes and utilities. The major among them are Process Audit, Forensic Audit, Risk Audit, Strategy Audit, Brand Audit, Management Audit, Concurrent Audit, Inspection Audit, Stock Audit, Transaction Audit, Performance Audit, Security Audit, Fact finding Audit, Investigation Audit, HR Audit etc. These audits are either conducted for business review or for a designated purpose.

How Lima can help you

Lima will help business to do special audits depends on the needs and purpose. The inspection audit, stock audit, security audit and Risk audit are performing mostly for special purposes.

The strategy audit is done for implementing a new strategy or for review of present strategies. Transaction audit and performance are done as a tool of control measures.

Fact finding audit and investigation audit are doing under suspicious or doubtful circumstances. HR audit are conducting for evaluating the man power requirement and the optimum utilization of man power resources ant optimal cost.

Lima strength and experience

The team members of Lima have additional qualifications from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India. The senior members hold Information Security Audit (ISA), Brand Audit Certification and Forensic Audit.

The team is well experienced in cost audit and a sub group formed under the leadership of cost accountant.

Lima assist business in managing the stock audit using modern tools and techniques.

Fact finding and revenue audit are done with the support of technically qualified person

One of the senior members is a qualified forensic auditor.

Lima Approach

The special audits are approached based on nature and purpose of audit. The management decision making audits like management audit, risk audit and process audit are done from the angle of management decision.

Strategy audit and Brand audit are for evaluation and will be approached from internal and external reviews.

Security Audit, Forensic Audit, Fact finding audit, inspection audit and investigation audit will approach on evidence-based enquiry.  Stock Audit and Transaction Audit will have a control-based approach.

HR audit will be approached with requirement finding and utilization approach.

Each and every type of special audit will be approached in different ways and uses different methods and procedures.

The special audits reports are designed such way to meet the purpose of the audit and to use as guideline for business operation and decision making.

Special Features

Experience and expertise in Strategy audit and brand audit are the special features of Lima. The online concurrent audit, which provides real time, reports as and when the transaction occurs. Management audit based on key performance indicators (KPI) are done by Lima with an assessment tools and methods. The Matrix HR software used to analyze the HR compliances and performances. The HR Audit will assess the total HR requirement based on the skills and expertise.