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Tax Special Services

Introduction of tax to a tax less region will require more special services until the process settled to normal. VAT refund for Emirati residence construction, Voluntary Disclosure, VAT/Excise profile changing, VAT Fine and Penalty Re consideration, VAT Audit preparation, Excise inventory damage, GCC transaction reconciliation are the important special services. The special services requires special expertise and experience in handling the situation.

How Lima can help you

Lima supports in the following special taxation services:

VAT/Excise refund

Voluntary Disclosure of VAT return

VAT/Excise profile changing

VAT/Excise registration amendment

VAT refund for Emirati new residence construction

VAT refund on business visitors

VAT/Excise fine and penalty settlement

VAT/Excise Audit preparation.

Lima strength and experience

The 30+ years experience as tax practitioner, Lima consultants are able to tackle any special situations and circumstances. The team Lima follows and updates all circulars, notifications and portals with regards to taxation laws and procedures.

Being consultants for several consulting firms, diversified industries and situations are handling regularly.

Lima Approach

Working with qualified tax experts not only allows an entrepreneur to focus on the business, but also reduce the risk of falling on the wrong side of the law, thereby leading to significant cost savings.

At Lima, we have an in-house team of expert tax professionals and consultants who have experience of working in various tax regimes. We can assist companies in structuring complex deals and transactions in the most tax efficient manner whilst ensuring that all laws are complied with. Lima provide international taxation services, which means adhering to varied tax laws of a different jurisdiction when an entity undertakes cross border transactions.


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Special Features

The collective domain knowledge and the team’s understanding and insights – gives the firm, the competitive edge and standing in the market. It is imperative to continuously learn and acquire new knowledge of emerging technology and changing market conditions. A team of aspiring professionals and accomplished stalwarts in the field of tax strike the right balance between local intricacies and exposure to the global market.