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Project details:

Company with 1K stranded workers faced a difficult situation. Company doesn’t have a crisis management or business continuity plan. The lack of standard operating practice (SOP) made the situation worse and unmanageable.                                                                                            Lima made a clear SOP for all departments of the business. We made the clear definition and policies for all operational, functional and managerial activities. The new SOP made the functioning of the system very smooth. The system automatically pointed out the leakage of income and triggered when the system fails.

The achievements are:

Increase in revenue per worker: 29.64%                                                                                              

Increase in capacity utilization: 19.4%

Increase in staff satisfaction index: 18%

Project info:

  • Manpower Supply
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Total Business SOP
  • 980
  • AED 36 Million